The Importance of HCG Diet Maintenance Phase To HCG Protocol

During the period of HCG maintenance, a person can consume any kind of food except for the starches and sugars. NutraSweet and Aspartame which are known to be artificial sweeteners should not be eaten either. You should eat low calories diet for a period of three days to keep the HCG out of your system before you proceed to the maintenance phase.

maintenanceIn comparison to the other maintenance phases, the HCG maintenance phase is a simple phase which consists of a diet of very low calories. Due to its simplicity, many people often decide to jump over this phase while there are some people who do not take it serious. This is the worst mistake that individuals on HCT dieting system make.

The maintenance phase gives you an opportunity not set and determines your weight if you do not want to gain your previous weight back. It is a significant step to make since you will not be able to gain the previous weight. You should also note that you it is useful that you can lose you previous weight and not gaining it back into your life. Another importance of the HCG maintenance phase is that it helps an individual to possess a new habit on how to maintain the weight that was previously lost.

You should always weigh yourself any time you begin to include new type of foods into your own dieting plans. This will help you watch and see the reaction of adding that kind of food into your diet arrangement. You should also measure your weights daily after adding a new food into your diet. You should also be able to discover the effects of that food onto your body and act immediately if you witness a unique and unwanted result. This will help you to keep on track with the HCG diet arrangement.

You should remember that starches and sugars are not recommended during the HG diet maintenance phase and avoid them completely during the HCG diet maintenance phase. Always be on the watch out as other carbohydrates and starches are often found in many foods as you may be find yourself falling onto the wagon and eventually lying on HCG diet maintenance phase.

Since beverages contain too much calories, it is important to desist from drinking them. You may choose to take a single glass of wine included in your dinner plan and do not choose to add anything else onto it. You should drink a lot of water as it is very important during this phase period. Water will always be included in your meals from the beginning up to the end of the HCG diet system.

The maintenance phase has been of great concern to many individuals. They are concerned of the possibility of adding or gaining previous weight whenever they include additional food content in their diet plans. You should not worry since the maintenance phase is not difficult as long as you follow the prescription given to you appropriately.

Another useful idea is to keep exercising all the time. This will help in building more muscles and accelerates the rate of metabolism hence ensuring that your new weight is properly maintained. You will be able to discover the importance of exercise. It will help you see how maintenance of your weight is very easy hence leading to living a healthy life.

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