Pros and Cons of HCG Diet Drops

Human chorionic gonadotropin diet, simply known as Hcg diet, is a low calorie diet dependent on the administration of the hormone Hcg for suppression of the appetite and quick burning of body fats.
It was discovered by Dr. Simeons as a good and quick weight loss program. Today, Hcg diet is increasingly becoming the most popular quick weight loss program.

hcgprosandconsHcg diet is a better healthy way to get rid of the flabby muscles and visible bulges.
The program requires dieters to consume very few calories on their daily diet while also taking daily doses of the Hcg hormone (Hcg drops).
The Hcg drops (hormone) plays an important role in helping the body to realise stored fats for oxidation to produce energy necessary for it to function properly. This is so since there is few calories in the body as the daily intake is reduced.

As with all kinds of diets for weight loss, Hcg diet drops have its pros and cons, many of which people using it will experience. Please see our HCG FAQs section for more answers to your questions.

Pros of the Hcg diet drops.

– One of the benefits of using Hcg drops is that it helps you control the hunger pangs associated with Hcg diet. It is natural for people in the diet to feel hungry because of the low calorie intake.

Hcg diet also helps improve the metabolic rate by supplying fuel form the process of fat oxidation, that is, it creates a high capacity for fat burning.

– The hormone also acts as an appetite suppressant hence lowering the accumulation of junk, sweet and starchy food.

– Hcg hormone drops are also known to work as agents of body detoxification.

– The Hcg drops also help boost the muscle growth by removing the toxin deposits present in them.

– The hormone also supports the functioning of other endocrine glands.

– It prevents future fats loading in the body.

– The hormone provides easy weight loss without the dieter engaging in exercise.

– It suppresses the dieters appetite without making him/her feel physically weak.

– Their administration is also easy as it requires zero mixing with other solutions.

– Hcg drops helps hydrate the dieters body and improves his/her sleep.

– It one energetic by resetting the metabolism.

– Improves the general outlook to the dieters.

Cons of the Hcg diet drops.

Taking the Hcg drops is associated with very few shortcomings. Below are some of the major shortcomings:

– The Hcg drops are associated with major side effects like nausea, headaches, abdominal pains among others.

– The diet requires the dieter not to do any form of exercise while still on the diet

– The Hcg do not have the backing of many superior medical experts.

– Both the diet and drops demand serious commitment. Dieters are not allowed to eat any form of fatty foods.

– The drops alone have no effect in the weight loss process. They require a combination of the low calorie diet for the results to be realised.

– They can cause problems with the menstrual cycle in women. They thus should be used with great care.

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