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Proceeding further onto is an indictment and agreement to the following privacy policy. Users agree that they will not share any private information about other members of the community with anyone. They also agree that they are personally responsible for the decisions they make after reading and sharing information on the website. It is important that individuals do substantial private research before purchasing any products. People who use the website agree that they are not going to hold the website owners responsible for any of the decisions that they make. Furthermore, the information on this website is intended for educational purposes of anyone who chooses to visit it.

Users agree that they will not harm others in any way with the content they learn on this website. Furthermore they will provide any information that they believe will be helpful to the users to the website owners or administrators whenever possible. Information on this website is intended to be a factual resource for individuals who are committed to making positive changes for their future. Whenever possible the personally identifiable information pertaining to a person's testimonial or other information they provide is kept confidential. The testimonials on this site are intended to be helpful to people who are not sure which products to use.

If an individual is aware of any information that is valuable to others that is not on the site they agreed to share it with the administrative members of the Furthermore, pledge to be honest regarding their experiences using the products advertised on this site. If a person has a negative experience they agree not to hold the owners of the site personally responsible. Furthermore they promise to give any review which they offered to the site members in a fair and balanced way. The community atmosphere is to be maintained at all times. When individuals are able to educate themselves about how to take the best possible care of their body they can help themselves as well as their family and friends.
Users are encouraged to provide information about which products they have tried as long as they are not trying to dissuade anyone from doing something that is in their best interest. Whenever possible a balanced view of the positive and negative aspects of every product should be given so that people can have a clear picture of the progress they can be expected to make using a product.

Any discount codes are not guaranteed to remain active. Users of the, agree not to hold the ownership responsible if any short-term sales are expired by the time they try to use discount codes or other money-saving techniques.
Continuing to use the site after reading this document is the same making an agreement with the site ownership based on the above mentioned privacy policy. Modifications to the policy can be made at discretion of site owners if necessary. Users are responsible for checking for modifications periodically for their own edification and personal knowledge.

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This document was last updated on February 2, 2013