HCG drops or HCG diet drops are a weight loss protocol that was discovered by a British physician- Dr. A.T.W Simeons in early 70's. He discovered that a combination pitting this drops alongside a low calorie diet is able to boost the body's metabolism rate thus in the process favor faster weight loss.

Many health conscious men and women have successfully used HCG drops to get rid of unwanted fats around various parts of the body which according to clinical studies can reach up to -30 pounds each month.

HCG diet drops work by disconnecting the stored fat inside your fat cells- in the process releasing stored pockets of energy into the blood stream. This new stock of energy (from idle fats now burnt down) hastens the process of your metabolic rate thus increasing your energy consumption and consequent calorie intake.

This diet protocol works in a 100% natural manner and hassle free manner and as such is a fantastic choice for modern-day busy folks who want to lose weight on the go. Among the top benefits associated with HCG drops include:

– Continuous weight loss as the drops keep working even when you're busy doing other things.
– Quick and healthy weight loss.
– Faster body metabolism and by extension optimal body functioning.
– Improved sleep cycles.
– Improved mental acuity.
– Compared to other weight loss avenues available out there in the world, HCG drops are less irritable.

How do they work?

HCG drops work in four phases:

Phase one: Loading up on food and HCG.

Phase Two: Low calorie diet for 50 days and HCG.

Phase Three: Full meals and HCG.

Phase Four: Development of a sustainable working plan.

As you can see from this brief HCG drops overview, the protocol works in a completely natural and offers realistic weight loss solutions. You can rest assured to get your life back along with a leaner and healthier body by using HCG diet drops.