Is Exercise Necessary while on HCG Drops?

Lots of people who go on the HCG diet where HCG drops are necessary always ask if they need to exercise to achieve optimum results. After all, most diet supplements always say that the best results can be achieved with a healthy diet and exercise plan while taking the supplements. For people who do not like to exercise, you can now breathe a sigh of relief because exercise is not necessary when you are taking HCG drops as part of your diet. In fact, you are even discouraged to try any vigorous exercises as it can hinder your weight loss efforts.

This may sound too good to be true but there is a very good explanation for it. You see, the hcg diet drops make sure your body uses your stored fat as a supply of fuel and nutrients but breaking them down takes time. When you exercise, your body needs access to fuel immediately and since your HCG diet dictates a strict calorie deficit, you do not get much food in your stomach and so you do not get access to immediate fuel. By doing vigorous exercising while on the HCG diet, you can very quickly become exhausted and your body may force you to go on a binge so you can make up for the calories you burned.

However, if you must break a sweat as exercising is just part of your routine, you need to go for lighter exercises wherein you do not burn too much calories. It is also important to keep track of exactly how many calories you burn so you can make up for the deficit in your diet. This method can be rather risky as it may stall your weight loss efforts but with some diligence and careful planning on your part, you can exercise and still stay on the HCG drops and diet plan. We recommend you read our next great article on exercising while on the hcg diet.

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