Introduction to the HCG Drops

HCG is one type of hormone that produced by pregnant women. This hormone serves to maintain the pregnancy and fetal development. In the 50's, Dr Simeon found that this hormone can also be used for losing weight. The using of hcg hormone for losing weight should be followed by the diet 500 calories per day. In the development HCG is packaged in various forms such as pills, injection and drops.

How to use the HCG drops
hcgdropsHCG drops can be taken orally about 30 minutes before eating or drinking. After taking HCG you are advised not to eat or drink anything. This is to optimize the absorption of the HCG hormone by your body.

Initially the HCG diet in the Dr Simeon manuscripts contain list kinds of food, how to consume and time to consume it. For example; patient is allowed to drink a cup of tea or coffee without sugar. Patient is allowed to use artificial or natural sweeteners such as stevia. For lunch you are allowed to eat meals of meat or fish not more than 100 grams. You are also allowed to consume various fruits and vegetables. As time went, the hcg diet had been developed to be easily run by people who want to lose their weight. There are also various recipes and menus to facilitate your weight loss program.

How HCG drops works
This hormone works through the blood stream. As mentioned before, HCG is a hormone produced by pregnant women. By taking this hormone, it will be distributed to your body through blood stream and affect your metabolism. The effect of this hormone is also like pregnant women. In the first few days you will experience little discomfort and lazy to eat.

The HCG that flowing through the blood stream will cause effects in decreasing appetite. However, this will not affect the vitality of your body. You will remain energized even though eat less. This hormone also speed up your metabolism especially the burning of fat.

HCG hormone also works selectively in burning fat stores in your body. This hormone will burn the accumulate fat in area of abdomen, thigh, buttocks and arm. These fats are usually very difficult to burn with exercise. Therefore, by taking HCG drops you can lose weight without exercise. Read more about exercising here.

Things to consider in HCG drops
HCG diet is known as one of the extreme diet. By taking this supplement allows you to lose weight fast. However this supplement is not suitable for everyone, especially for those who have certain health problems. Therefore, before taking this supplement you should consult with your doctor. You also need to consider the credibility of the seller and the quality HCG sold. Make sure you take the qualified supplement and accordance with the recommended dosage.

Other thing you should consider is how to take the HCG drops. It is highly recommended to take this supplement 30 minutes before eating or drinking. You also need to consider the type and amount of food you eat. It is better to cook the food alone. In this way it will allow you to control your calorie intake and speed up the losing weight.


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