How to Overcome Plateaus When on the HCG Drops Plan

As with anything that we set out to accomplish, be it getting a slim toned body, or building up muscles, there's bound to be plateaus where there is just no progress. It can get really depressing and it might cause some of us to even give up on our task totally. But that's not what we want. What we want, is to accomplish the task and to complete what we started. If you're on a plateau with your HCG diet plan, here are some tips to over come it.

losingweightThe Apple Day – Infamously coined by Dr Simeons, the Apple Day strategy calls for you to simply eat about 5 – 6 apples all day long and drink as little water as possible. Many have sworn by this method as it works by getting sludgy food moving again. It helps to remove unwanted fluids quickly so it is a sure fire way to shed a couple of pounds between each day. Your regular method should resume afterwards as the plateau is successfully overcome. The simplest and most effective method.

Follow the Original Diet more strictly – There have been many modern manipulations or improvements, whichever you prefer to stick by, from the original dietary plan. The original plan included having only one vegetable at a time in favour of mixed salads, and also eliminating all ground beef. The amount of carbohydrate has to also be the right amount. Less or equal is good, more is bad.

Varying your diet – Avoid having the same fruit, protein, or vegetable or whatever food have  you twice in one day. Instead, vary your food and its sources. It helps to shake away the mundane regularity of the diet and spice up the plan to turn it more interesting. However, do take note of the requirements of the food that you change it to. Just because you vary you diet doesn't mean you should disregard the contents of it.

Water – Water helps to eliminate the toxins from our body. These toxins, that are being released with the burning of fat whilst on the HCG diet have to be eliminated for constant progress to be on your side. Water also helps to regulate your bowel movements and increasing your trips to the toilet. Or at least, having better and smoother toilet sessions. Have that water bottle by your side always. It really comes in handy. Here  you can see the additional water facts.

Do not under eat – Under eating will cause your metabolism to reduce, slowing it down and slowing the process of fat burning. It is imperative to consume the right amount of calories for your metabolic rate so that burning of abnormal fat from your body ensues at a regular pace. Remember, not eating doesn't mean losing weight. Adhering to your dietary plan means losing weight.

A plateau does hinder anyone's progress and it can be really demoralising. If you have a buddy, tell them your progress, they should know what they have to do. Well, if you haven't one, then I suggest that you head over to the HCG dietary forums and get to know someone. Everyone needs a little push every now and then, don't be shy to admit it.

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