HCG Diet Techniques to Keep Your Dieting in Check

Not everyone is a perfect zero figure, nor has a manhunt worthy body. But we try sometimes, to be as close to this ideal perfection as we can. Some exercise, some diet, some go through surgery. Dieting is never easy though. It is always hard to maintain a discipline to go on a strict diet what with the increasing number of delicacies in the world. The same goes for, when you go on a HCG diet. So how do we, or even you, actually go through the HCG diet successfully? By having the right techniques in your arsenal of course! Here are a few HCG diet techniques to keep your dieting in check.

diet-checkThe Buddy. Having the buddy is one of the best, if not, the absolute best thing you can do to being successful with your HCG diet drops. There will be a lot of things you’ll be experiencing the moment you decide to go through with the HCG diet. Psychological, Mental, Physical and even Social problems would not be uncommon during this phase. Everyone needs a social life, everyone needs a buddy, that strong pole to keep pushing and supporting you as you pull out your hair, scream your lungs out trying to keep on the diet. A HCG diet buddy. Join some internet forums where you’ll find everybody is a HCG dieter. A private HCG diet group would be the most useful as everyone’s commitment to the system would be unparalleled.

Don’t skip HCG meals. Or for that matter, any meals at all. Some people think that they should be strong and be determined and hence, skip some parts of a meal, or skip some meals, thinking that they would benefit more if they put in more effort. Sorry, but not this time. This time, it’s on the contrary really. If you were to skip your meals or part of your meals, you’ll find yourself losing those pounds slower, and it’s gonna make you go hungry. It doesn’t benefit anyone, so please do not skip your HCG meals or any part of it.

The Water Bottle. It is absolutely important to have a water bottle strapped to your side at all times of the day. The reason that people get hungry is because they are not getting the right amount of hydration for themselves. You need about 64 ounces of water a day, SPREAD OUT throughout the day. That means you can’t cheat the system and drink all those ounces at night or in the morning. It also helps you when you have those hunger moods. When you’re hungry, drink up. It really helps you to get the hydration you need.

Hunger. A craving, a habit, and real hunger. It’s all different. It takes a while to get used to but eventually you should be able to realise what’s a craving and what’s real hunger. A lot of your eating is simply a habit that you’ve been used to so be mindful whenever those “hunger pangs” start to attack. It might just be your regular habit or craving.

Dieting is indeed an arduous task, same goes for HCG dieting. But no one says it is impossible and considering that many have successfully gone through it, you should be able to. Just take into mind some of the tips above. Please see our hcg diet tips article for more great suggestions.

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