hCG Diet Protocol FAQs

Some of the frequently asked questions and answers about hCG Diet protocol include the following.

What is the right starting dose for the diet?
faqsFor a person using RX sublingual, start with 166 international units two times a day. If you are using shots, the best starting dose is 150 international units. For those using homeopathic type, start your dose with the recommendations given by the manufacturer. After a while, you can make adjustments.

What are the vitamins preferred on the diet?
Some people find it necessary to use magnesium or potassium. You can be okay if you do not take any vitamins.

What should I do if I feel hungry?
You should skip a day between doses for four days .if you feel hungry by late afternoon or at around evening, then lower your dose.

Can I start a new dose of hCG before six weeks?
No. You should wait six weeks between the first and second round. Wait for eight weeks between the second and third round .Twelve weeks between round three and four. This should go on with that sequence.

Will I stay on phase two until I lose the weight I want?
No. The maximum weight loss is around 34 pounds. If obese, you can lose extra pounds but the maximum should be 40 pounds.

Is it necessary to load before starting the diet?
Yes. It helps in triggering hormones that help in the loss of weight. It also helps with hunger issues on the first or second day.

What do I do if I do not go for long calls of nature in days?
You should do nothing unless it makes you uncomfortable. It is normal but if uncomfortable, you should take smooth tea or magnesium citrate.

How many vials do I require?
42000 or 25000 international units is required if you mix your own diet injections for a long round.

Should I stop my medications while taking hCG shots?
You should not stop any medications unless your doctor tells you so.

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