HCG Diet Phase 4 Guide and Tips

HCG diet Phase 4 is the last part of HCG diet plan. A successful HCG drops phase 4 is the key to maintain and stabilize your weight loss. At this phase you need to balance your weight with healthy eating habits. As you enter HCG diet phase 4, you need to start with introducing fresh fruits. Once you have tried vegetables and fruits, and then add other starchy food like pasta, whole grain selection, bread and cereal. You should keep a close eye on your weight. If you note any weight gain, immediately quit eating the most recent food introduced and wait for 7 days before you re-introduce the food causing weight gain.

stayingfitYou need to do this process slowly with a great degree of moderation to identify any possible food sensitivity. Make sure you use food journal in order to track your weight. If you identify any sensitivity through sudden weight increase, then you should entirely eliminate that food selection and introduce a different food into the diet.

When you introduce some food containing high sugar, you can start with natural sugar cane, honey or agave nectar in small amount. Take your time to re-introduce processed food and white flour as these foods are main contributor in weight gain.

You should remember that the objective of HCG diet phase 4 is to balance out your weight and eating habit to ensure your stable weight. You should keep your calorie and sugar count low and protein count high. You will achieve your ultimate success with re-introducing fresh fruits, vegetables and organic food. It is also recommended to implement a healthy exercise routine for HCG diet phase 4. You can take low impact aerobics and Yoga classes to burn extra calories, tone your body and to improve your cardiovascular processes.

Make sure your food selection is based on smart and healthy food choices instead of merely following your immediate desires.

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