HCG Diet and Exercise for Females

It is a common interest in a lot of females of the modern world to be the perfect zero figure, or at least, relatively slim by today's standards. Many types of processes have emerged in the last decade, ranging from dieting, exercising to even surgery methods. HCG dieting and exercising. Heard of it?

Well, it's nothing big except being one of the hottest trends to hit the dieting circuit lately. Here's a brief breakdown on it. The brainchild of Dr. A.T.W Simeons, HCG dieting uses the hypothalamus area of the brain to release some abnormal fat stores. This helps alot in not only getting rid of the spare tyres, but also benefitting the participants health in general.

forfemalesSo you're a female and you'd love to try out the HCG diet and excercise routine? All the better. HCG is found to be naturally created only in pregnant women, though it can still be used as an aide for both men and women.

Do take note however, that with any form of drugs, medicine or even hair dye, the potential ability of HCG varies amongst individuals. So don't go expecting to lose the same amount of pounds as your neighbour using the HCG system is losing. On the other hand, no oneÕs claiming that you cannot be losing more than her as well.

One main problem with this system is that it gets people new to the system confused when it comes to HCG diet and excercise. Many newbies wonder to themselves as to how much they should exercise. Or even what kind of exercises would they need to do in order for the HCG diet to work.

A word of advice, high intensity workouts are not required when on the HCG diet drops. This is a fact because intense workouts are actually dangerous to your diet especially when going into the second phase of the HCG diet. Why? Basically, the stored fat in your body are already contributing alot to the calories being burned. If you were to decide on high intensity or cardio heavy workouts, you're putting yourself at risk of fainting or getting severe dehydration. This is why it is very important to take note of your pulse rate and make sure you hydrate yourself sufficiently.

Now, doesn't it make everyone relieved that intense workouts are not only not needed for the HCG diet, it is in fact, dangerous for us to do so? To add even more to this dream method of shedding those pounds, the number one recommended form of exercise is simply to walk! Walking a couple of miles several times a week is one of the best exercises when you're on the HCG diet and it also ensures your safety as well. Remember, even jogging is considered an intense workout. Therefore, all you need to do is take note that there should be no problems when you're walking as it is supposed to be safe for you while you're on your HCG diet.

If you haven't already tried this diet out, you should rush to find out more because at the moment, there are no other better dietary plans out there that can help to guarantee you losing those spare pounds around that waist, or even your thighs.

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