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hcgcomplexloThe top rated diet Complex HCG is a 100% natural way to rapidly lose up to 1 – 2 pounds of fat per day. Complex HCG drops are taken orally and prevent hunger cravings, allowing you to comfortably consume as few as 500 calories each day. With free shipping, the lowest possible prices and up to 33% discounts on bulk orders, Complex HCG is the smart and affordable weigh to lose weight and keep it off. This clinically proven weight loss product is backed by a full 30 day money back guarantee.

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complexComplex HCG is taken by applying drops to the back of the tongue. This allows you to quickly and efficiently absorb the HCG. By taking HCG on a daily basis you will find that you are able to eat very little and not feel hungry. Complex HCG will also break down stubborn body fat and allow your body to use this as a source of energy.

In just 21 days you can see the powerful weight loss results that HCG Complex delivers. HCG is completely safe to take as it is manufactured in the United States in strictly regulated FDA approved facilities. Your order will be sent within 24 hours of you placing your order and shipping is entirely free.

Some of the key benefits of HCG Complex include:

check Supported by clinical studies
check HCG Complex is consumed orally – No injections required
check 100% Natural Ingredients
check 30 Day Full Money
check Free Shipping
check Complete Guide to the HCG Diet – Includes recipes, timetables and advice
check 1 – 2 Pounds Of Weight Loss Per Day
check No Prescription Needed
check Up to 33% Saving on Bulk Orders
check Made in the USA in FDA regulated facilities
check No Recurring Billing or Hidden Costs

But there is more:

HCG Complex also provides a detailed diet program absolutely free. The HCG Complex diet program lays a complete protocol which takes you step by step to reaching your ideal body weight. Included with the program is the exact timetable for you to follow, what foods to eat, recipes and the correct dosage of HCG Complex to take.

Testimonials of HCG Complex:

HCG Complex has already delivered amazing results for plenty of satisfied customers. Testimonials such as these attest to the rapid weight loss that normal, everyday people are achieving:


Complex HCG is available in four different options. Buy 1 Get 1 Free, this entry level option is priced at $69.95 and includes 2 bottles of HCG Complex. The next step up is Buy 2 Get 2 Free which costs $97 with this you will get 4 bottles of HCG Complex. This amounts to a 21% saving over the entry level price. For larger orders you can buy 3 and 3 for 3 costing $139. This gives you 6 bottles and a 23% saving. And finally for $173 you can buy 4 and get 4 free for a massive 33% saving. With 8 bottles of HCG Complex this is more than you will probably need but why not take the drops with a friend and lose weight while saving money?

optsComplex HCG is one of the most trusted names in the HCG Diet industry. If you want 100% natural HCG drops manufactured in US based FDA approved facilities then you should choose Complex HCG. With no hidden costs, the lowest possible prices, free shipping and 100% money back guarantee HCG Complex is the fastest and easiest way to lose fat today.

Latest Special Offers & Discounts
Buy 1 Bottle Get 1 FREE
Plus get FREE bottle of Razburn (Raspberry Ketone) on orders over $97
Click to visit HCG Complex's Official Site
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