Exercising while on the HCG Diet

Weight loss is a process that many people struggle with because it requires following some strict guidelines for one to succeed. There are strategies that people use to loss the required weight in order to maintain good health. One of the mostly used methods is used of HCG diets that have proven to be effective in helping many people reduce their weight. However, the big question remains should you exercise while on the HCG diet? Here is some information that can help answer this question.

The question on should you exercise while on HCG drops mostly depend more on the maintenance phase of the HCG diet in which the consumption of calorie is limited to five hundred calories. Starvation mode occurs when low amount of calories is taken, but then there is burning of large amount of calories, while at the same time doing exercises making more fat to be stored instead of being burned off to control starving. In order to attain the goals set in the weight loss process it is not advisable to exercise during this phase because no weight would be lost. Engaging in exercise, while on HCG diets can be counterproductive to the entire weight losing process and, therefore should be avoided.

excerisingIn case you have been doing regular exercises and feel as if you would not like to stop, it is advisable to maintain the exercise at a moderate rate and take less time doing the workouts. This will help the body burn some calories, but will not have any negative effects to the steps made in losing weight. Doing Yoga can help increase strength and flexibility when on HCG diet. Despite that some form of exercise are recommended while on HCG diet drops, its good to keep in mind some rules regarding the HCG diets and exercise. It is important to maintain regular exercise in order to attain optimal weight loss while on HCG diet. However, during the second phase of the HCG diet strenuous exercise must be avoided at all cost. High intensity exercises while on HCG diet can lead to dehydration and can even lead to death. In case it is difficult to stop exercising, it is advisable to keep regular check on the heart rate and take fluids frequently to main normal body functioning.

While on HCG diet gentle exercises are recommended may be for a time of fifteen minutes daily. This helps maintain flexibility and gain more strength. The moderate exercise should include walking, swimming or moderate cycling. Yoga is the most encouraged exercise because it helps one to be in tough with the inner self leading to a harmonious balance between the body and the mind. It also increases of the mass of the lean muscle meaning that once a lots of fat is shed on the HCG diet the body physique becomes lean and tight. Taking yoga classes for three times in a week can bring a lot of benefits to the HCG diets. In overall, it is good to take a break from intense exercise while on HCG diet and get back to normal workouts afterwards in order to achieve the weight lose goals set.

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